THE ALBUM. | $2199.00

A finely crafted italian leather bound album made in Europe. e thick, durable and scratch resistant pages, rounded corners, seamless & layflat spreads, linen fabric album sleeve, personalised embossed cover is just some of the features for this exclusive album. 

12”x12” Embossed Leather Bound Album + Linen Fabric Cover, 20 Spread / 40 Pages, featuring 50-80 images. Additional Spread at 50.00 p/spread

THE BOOK. | $1799.00 (** Most Popular - Recommended**)

This fine art book is amazingly beautiful and high quality. Featured on a seamless and layflat spread, the museum fine art quality papers brings out the amazing archival colours. With the wide range of book cloth and personalised embossed cover, it offers an amazingly styled artisan book. 

10”x10” Embossed Book Cloth Cover, 25 Spread / 50 Pages, featuring

50-80 images. Additional Spread at $45.00 p/spread

BOX Cover : $150.00

Leather Cover : $150.00

THE MAGAZINE. | $979.00

A light, minimalist and creative way to share with your loved ones. It is easy to carry around, supports a large number of pages with options to include memorable messages such as quotes and poetry for an amazing story telling experience. Similar to a coffee table book, this thin book-magazine pages brings out the amazing raw colours and you can just easily place it on a coffee table or bookshelf. 

11.5”x 8” Customised Printed Cover, 40 Pages / 20 Spreads, featuring 50-80 images.

Additional Spread at $35.00 p/spread

THE GIFT. | $899.00

 This is a mini gift book which includes an elegant gift box is specially made for your amazing parents. It is light, easy to carry around to share with family and friends. A beautiful and thoughtful keepsake for your parents.

9.25 ”x9.25” Black Cover with Printed Image, Black Linen Gift Box, 60 Pages / 30 Spreads, featuring 60-90 images. Additional 10 Spread at $55.00 each 10 Spreads