Samara Resort, Bali.

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This was a destination wedding in Uluwatu, Bali. One of the most visited place for Australians. Besides the amazing tropical weather, culture and tourist friendly place, its what Australians calls a place for very affordable and great taste Bintang beers! haha.

Leanne and Dave was such a lovely couple and I knew their destination wedding is going to be amazing when I first met them. The shared their plans with me and got me so excited to capture their wedding at the Samara Resort. I have been to Bali previously but because there are so many amazing and scenic locations for wedding, it feels like the first time everytime if you stay a different luxurious villa. 

I always have this facscination of capturing the best walking down the aisle moment. And this was certainly one of my favourite as well. I do have lots of favourites, haha. 

When brides have a nice long walk, it allows the groom, bridal party and guests to have more anticipation before the moment where the bride walks down the aisle. I guess that is what the whole wedding is about!! (besides getting the paperwork done and having a good excuse to party!).

With the amazing pools, the groomsmen certainly had their fun and it wasnt stressful at all. Everything was so chilled even before the wedding. Funny thing was, I arrived late in Bali from the airport, went straight to meet Leanne and Dave and they are already soaking in the pool with cocktails in their hand. They certainly know how to chill especially on the night before their big day. I love it when couples are so relaxed!.

Ok, to be honest, the petals throwing after the ceremony didnt work according to plan. Sometimes guests dont know how or when to throw their petals as the bridal party walk back up the aisle after the ceremony.  But I didnt want the amazing white petals go to waste, so I got the large bridal party to scoop it up and do a take two! haha.. it worked and I am so happy with the result. You wont even know if I didnt share this. :P

So, if you are planning a wedding in Bali, please contact me! I would love to capture another wedding in Bali and I am sure its going to be at another chalet of villa as there are just so many there.