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"We dare you to not smile looking at these photos in Bhutan from Michelle and Ryan’s destination engagement session! Photographer Bew Yew captured the couple giggling and embracing each other, exploring and observing the incredible temples and landscape. What better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than with an adventurous engagement shoot sightseeing around a new country!" 

Junebug Wedding Feature

I was stoked when Ryan and Michelle first contacted me regarding their wedding in Phuket Thailand!! But after checking my calendar, I was already booked and gutted that I could not capture their destination wedding in Thailand. It sounded so amazing and would love to be part of their wedding.

But thanks to my lucky stars, they contacted me again! I could not believe my luck. They ask me if I am available to capture their honeymoon in Bhutan. I am like "where" is Bhutan?  I know Kathmandu, Nepal but Bhutan? Hm...definitely an exotic place!!

Of course I said YES!! then I did a bit of googling and found out the amazing history, culture and country. It is a very religious country, quite similar to Nepal with the colourful flag offerings for their gods. It made the whole country looks so colourful, besides their very beautiful traditional costume where I had the privilage to wear them as well. Thanks to Ryan & Michelle for this breathtaking experience!

Ryan and Michelle are constant travellers, they travelled to so many countries and what was cool with them is that they do not just travel to big iconic cities, they travel to the most remote places as they loved hiking and experiencing different and interesting cultures. I am so glad to be part of their trip. Still could not believe till today!

And to make it more interesting, I remember watching a documentary about the 10 most dangerous airport in the world and Bhutan is the top 3? (if I can recall). It was scary to think only a few experienced  pilots are allowed to fly in and out of Bhutan! That scares me to know how dangerous it was. But I was in the plane so comfortably that I forgot it was dangerous when they land. It was due to the location between the mountains and the occassional strong winds.

They even got me my own tour guide and driver to travel around Bhutan! There are just so many stories to tell, but do not have the time at the moment. So please stay tuned for more travel stories. I may share it in my new website




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