Film vs Digital Photography | Contax 645 with Zeiss 80mm Fuji400H | Nikon D750

I do get quite a few enquiries regarding the difference between film and digital. It actually depends on how you use film photography's full strengths and benefit. 

Film photography creates amazing colours, with the right camera and lens, you can create the dreamy and almost painterly look. For the photo comparison below, because its a wide and partially a landscape shot, it doesnt look as dreamy as a close up shot. But you can see the colour difference between both. Although its personal preference, but I do love the skin tones of film a lot.

I will be updating more examples soon.


The Dream Wedding at Chateau Grand Luce in France | France Wedding Photographer

I love destination weddings and pre-weddings, especially when its in France at the amazing Chateau Grand Luce with the dream team destination Wedding Planner - Matthew Oliver Weddings, Wedding Videographer - HD Moments and Florist - White Lilac. Working with this amazing crew that makes the dream become reality is such an awesome experience.

Just a few interior shot of this breathtaking venue to share. This French Chateau is definitely one of the favourite choices for a destination wedding in France. 

After capturing this amazing in France, I went on to Paris to capture the amazing couple's pre-wedding or post-wedding photography. WIth Eiffel tower and Louvre Musee in the backdrop, it was like a dream came true.

Images: Captured on Film with Contax 645, Fuji400H and Nikon DSLR - Film Wedding Photographer in Paris & France.