Editorial - Magazine Shoot - Farmers

As most would probably already know, I normally only take up weddings and couple portraits / engagements / pre-wedding shoots.  But on rare occasions, I do take up other sessions such as fashion and editorial if its something interesting for the magazines.

This was the second shoot I did for this magazine. I spend a bit of time with Kon Peos, the farmer from Manjimup, WA. He was such a great guy, originally from Macedonia. He left with his parents at the age of 2. He shared his story with me about his business, his life and family. I love listening to life stories during session. Something very different from my normal shoot. Even the Editor of the magazine told me, " I can see that you had fun during the shoot", and I did. I just didnt know that it shows in the images that I have captured. These are the few that the magazine have selected for their editorial. A little different from what I would pick, but its interesting to see what their readers like.