Engagement | Reece + Jacqui - Windy Harbour, WA (Pemberton, Manjimup)

I was invited to stay at Windy Harbour, WA. I didn't know where that was previously, all I know is that its around Pemberton and Manjimup. My GPS couldn't get me there and there isn't mobile phone connection around that area. I got a bit worried that if I keep turning around, my fuel would run out and I do not have mobile phone reception. Being such a paranoid person, so glad that I finally found the place! 

When I arrived at the place, it was awesome. Why, because I was totally disconnected from the world. No phone reception and no electricity. I can hear the sound of "NOTHING". actually nothing except wind. That is why the place is called Windy Harbour. Thanks to the great hospitality of Reece & Jacqui, we enjoyed our stay there. 

I love everything about the place, it somehow feels like in the movies. 

Jacqui & Reece were such a great couple and I love the chemistry between them.