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Vendor Spotlight: Ben Yew

08/11/13 | by Faye Soong

One look at the photographs WGA vendor Ben Yew takes, and you know he believes in love.

And as odd as this may sound, this belief in true love is something you really want in the person you entrust with capturing those special, intimate moments on your big day.

Photographs courtesy of Ben Yew Photography + Film.

This super-talented Malaysian photographer is now based in Perth, Australia, but travel isn’t off the books for him and his select and talented team, who comprise other photographers, videographers and a graphic designer and wedding coordinator.

He explains his approach to wedding photography:

“What I love to do for every session is to capture the finest moment between couples.  My style of photography is using natural light to create luminous and dreamy portraits and capturing intimate moment between couples.”

A seasoned photographer, Ben quickly realised the secret ingredient which could turn a photoshoot of two people into something magic:

“The most important part of every image that I produce – besides looking beautiful surroundings, awesome natural lighting –  is to capture the real moment and chemistry between couples in love.”


As part of his process, Ben says he takes the time to get to know each couples’ story well – especially about their romance – to help recreate the feelings they felt when they first fell in love.

“It’s always nice to hear the challenges they faced and their memorable moments together; this guides and prepares them for the photography session.”

Inspired by moving stories, music and his awesome clients, Ben says the best part of his job was presenting the final product to clients and have them become emotionally moved by the images and scenes captured. Aww!

Ben reflects on what makes things picture perfect:

“For me, the photography session has to be fun, quirky, romantic and most importantly, memorable for every couple. The session itself should create sweet memories for them to look back later and the images that they receive after would bring back smiles and romantic feelings they have for each other.”

When it comes to the time for you to pick a photographer to have the privilege (because it really is!) to capture the most poignant and intimate moments of your special day, Ben has this advice to share:

“Look for a photographer that connects well with you, beautiful images images is not everything, it must be a combination of beautiful and meaningful images. By connecting well with the right photographer, they will be able to bring out the best in you.”

With his keen eye for detail and genuine interest in each couples’ love stories, it’s no wonder Ben’s been garnering rave reviews from the couples he photographs!

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To get in touch with Ben, visit his WGA vendor page or his website.