Lifestyle | Carlie + Jason - Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Photographing passionate couples have always been my source of inspiration. Before I even met Carlie & Jason for the session, we corresponded through messages and I knew then, this is the couple that I really want to capture. Carlie explained to me that they are living apart for now and its so hard to be away from him. Long distance relationship are the hardest. So she decided to have this session whilst visiting him in Bunbury. And I am so glad to have captured this awesome memory for them. I get goosebumps by just looking at them so madly in love. There are so much chemistry between them that it shows in the images. 

She made my day with her comment on the photos

"Wow Ben Yew! I love these all so much. Its hard to put into words how you feel about someone. They say a picture is worth a thousand words..these photos are worth a trillion words to me" - Carlie Hepworth

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