Published | Modern Bride | James + Chloe Wedding - Dunsborough Wedding Photographer

I am so happy that this awesome couple James + Chloe's wedding was featured in Modern Bride. I love the blue car they hired and they even found this cool spot at Yallingup for their car to park right in front of it. During the bridal party photos, we went to the beach in Yallingup and there were so many people looking at us, glad James & Chloe felt comfortable even when so many eyes was on them.

I love everything about the wedding except one thing, Lamonts Winery, their food and beverage supervisor wasn't professional and was extremely rude (rest of the staff was good though), she is not setting a good example for the crew to follow and hence, damaging the reputation of the venue. Even after I have written a letter to complaint, no positive steps were taken to improve. I guess they have enough business and couldn't care much about customer service. 

Anyways, getting back to this happy story, thank you to Modern Bride for this feature and we really appreciate it!