2014...Oh..What a Year!! I would say 2014 has been one of favourite year for photography and my family.

Although I would love to post a compilation of my favourite images and events for 2014, unfortunately, work has been pretty full on till now, which is a good thing :).

It seems that I am travelling a little more than last year and I am looking forward to a few more destination wedding photography for year 2015.  

My New Year resolution? perhaps to improve the balance of my work and family time. I need to spend more time with my daughters as they are growing up so quickly and don't want to miss too much of their growing up stages. I am very thankful to have a happy and healthy family and I am looking forward to capture more memories for everyone and for my own family.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who have supported us all these years, you know who you are :), we wouldn't be where we are without you and your support!

One of my favourite destination session for year 2014 was to Bhutan. And the reason I am sharing some behind the scenes and touristy photos is because I am editing this at the moment along with other wedding photos. I guess my 2nd new year resolution is to be a better multi-tasker, haha.

Some of the behind the scenes photos from my Bhutanese travel and shoot.

Special thanks to Ryan & Michelle (awesome couple)  & Tangbi (Bhutanese Tour Guide) for these photos.


Good view of Thimphu, Capital City of Bhutan.

Mountains, crystal clear rivers, temples and stunning views, everywhere in Bhutan. Something very different from the famous developed cities around the world. Photo by Tangbi T.Pungala

Bhutan Photography

This was my first day, lots of winding gravel roads, and this wasn't a hike, it was a short cut, we drive all the way up, that is why I still looked energetic. The red scroll was a gift at the airport from my tour guide and not forgetting the awesome skilful driver for the trip. - Photo by Tangbi T.Pungala


Gho - The traditional Bhutanese costume. The jeans, sneakers and cap is NOT part of it :P

Photo by Tangbi T.Pungala | Ryan Fan


My awesome tour guide (manager of the tour agency in Bhutan) Tangbi helping me out with my heavy gear bag and even assisting me as a second shooter while hiking up for 2 hours up to the Tiger Nest Monastry. / Taktsang Lhakhang


Me & Tangbi

More of my Bhutanese travel and lifestyle portraits of Ryan & Michelle soon.