The Giants Perth | #Giants #Perthfestival

This is my first time experiencing such an awesome event. We got lucky to have gotten a parking in Perth CBD and waited nearly 1 hour for the Giants to arrive at our spot. I have never seen so many people in Perth before. It was just crazy!. 

Just when the Little Girl Giant walked passed us, it was so real!, her eyes, head and body movements. It feels like she is actually looking at you and even blinked her eyes. I really could not explain what it was, just felt so real regardless on what you see that is actually happening, lots of people pulling the cables to control the little puppet girl. 

How I wish I had more time to photograph her walking pass, but people around me pushing around and its so hard to take a photo when its too far away and when its near, I am too close. I am basically stuck between the road and the pavers at the side of the road. And once its over, we tried to walk back to the main street and wow! There are some impatient guys there swearing just to try to get through. I do understand how they feel, but there are kids everywhere, they should have behaved better, we literally could not move because there are just too many people around and a lot of them are waiting for the diver to walk past (the other giant). We decided to go because we thought we have seen enough. We headed for Jamie's Oliver restaurant at the end of the street in Perth CBD and on the way, we saw the Diver!! awesome!.. We even manage to walked in and have a meal at Jamie Oliver's without booking! that is amazing. Everything went so well today and the experience to see the little girl and diver was out of this world!

I have managed to get a few captures from the spot I was stuck at. But I guess it turned out pretty good, I think.