50 Shades of Grey Review - My belated take on this movie, by Ben Yew

I just probably just read 2 chapters from the book 50 Shades of Grey and was too busy to continue, I'll just say I didnt read the book. So I waited for the movie instead. Lots of review about it, some positive, some negative and some very very negative. Like most movies such as the famous Gone Girl, the movie turned out pretty good, but probably still not as amazing as the book because books allows you to image how you want to character to be and look like. But I would say, its a good movie and very well filmed.

Since I didnt read the 50 Shades book, my review is just mainly based on the movie.

1) From the filming and editing point of view, I was a little disappointed with the start because I always portray "Mr.Grey" to be larger than life, a super successful entrepreneur. The tying the shoe lace and jogging start was somehow not grand enough for me. Even when he is jogging, maybe a more elegant scene and composition. It should also be showing more out of this world walk in wardrobe. 

2) Instead of portraying "Mr.Grey" to be larger than life, they made him look like just another average wannabe entrepreneur when he brag about his helicopter. If someone is so successful, inviting someone on his helicopter is very normal and nothing to brag about. He should have acted more towards, "its just a ride on the helicopter" so don't need to talk about it, body language tells it all. Bragging cheapens it somehow. Also, they should have portray more flying on the helicopter like its his daily thing. His car could have been a little more special. It just look like a normal german sporty car. He does have a lot of car at the garage which was a good scene, but he could have picked a better, more arrogant car, since he is portraying this character.

On a positive note, the actress performance was good, plane footage was good, her arriving scene was good too.

There are a few more disappointments here and there, but I love the music by Ellie Goulding so much more!. I am listing to "love me like you do" as I am writing this. I think I had it repeated 100x!!!, gives me the goosebumps somehow. Its once of those movies where the sound track is better than the movie.