Gabbinbar Homestead, Toowoomba, Queensland Wedding - Homestead Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

I would normally do my research before heading for a wedding especially when its a destination wedding. This time, its Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia. I saw the gallery images and WOW!! impressively stunning venue!. Well, actually, it was nothing compared to the real thing. When I arrived at the car park and saw the actual place, my jaw dropped! OMG!!..really.. I have seen some amazing venue for wedding and this is definitely amongst the top I have been...

This wedding IS the last wedding for the year 2015 for me.  The plan was actually to travel together with my family to Toowoomba & Sydney for the Christmas break, plans changed because wife is now pregnant and decided to rest at home instead of travel. It was a really lonely Christmas and guess what!! We celebrated Christmas on the plane with the other passengers. It was a FULL flight, surprisingly. Its been a long while since I felt this lonely on a festive season. To be honest, I don't think I would do much at home, but it would feel good spending time with the family regardless, just to do what most people would. Upon arriving at the Toowoomba Wellcamp  Airport, well..that is a small but very new. It is new, does not just look new. Arriving on a Christmas day at a rural airport, I was worried there isn't any taxi to the town, can't even book a car rental (Closed!). Then I saw a taxi but its already booked, asked the guy if there are any taxi that would be coming, he said, look over there, Peters airport transportation. Oh, glad he said YES! this is what they do. Ok, I can now chill, no pressure about transportation to the accomodation.

Then the meals, everywhere was closed. Even Macca's & Subway!! (which i didnt know). I walked 5km and realised it was closed, on the way back, there was this indian restaurant open. Only 1 on the main street. Yes, I got my meal and survived! haha.

I normally arrive early for a destination wedding just to know the area and acclimatise. So the first 2 days was watching tv and relaxing in the room. Time went really slow..hahah..

Then the wedding day came!! YES! I must say, my year 2015 went out with a BANG!. What an amazing wedding and couple to finish up 2015! Did I regret taking up a wedding and travelling on a Christmas day? NO!! would I do it again, hm..still deciding, haha..I would probably do it with wife approval.

This is a preview shot from the wedding, an amazing memory to end 2015!! Thanks Carlie & Jason for inviting me to be part of your amazing wedding!