Leica M Type240 and Leica 50mm Noctilux 0.95 for Fine Art Wedding

This is the first wedding I shot with this amazing Leica M (Type 240) with the giant Noctilux 50mm 0.95. Is this the best? Well...lets see.

I love the camera and the amazing 0.95, but would that be good for weddings? For me, yes if its just an "Artistic camera" for certain shots on the wedding day. Because its full manual focus and the rangefinder is truly challenging at times, I would only use it during getting ready, perhaps some bridal portraits and a few detail at the reception.

Did it create extraordinary images, not many can see the difference to honest, but if you are a Leica fanboy and love the 0.95, yes most definitely. For me, it is the Leica experience. Slowing down, thinking more and just feels so nice to actually use a camera than a DSLR "machine".

I will definitely be taking this beast out more often for travel and weddings. Bad news is, I just heard from Leica rumours that the Leica M10 is coming out soon!! argh. I just bought this M240, but I guess the main change would be the EVF that may be internally set up instead of an external appliance. A few wedding detail shots to share from the wedding captured at Alverstoke, Brunswick, Western Australia.