LEICA Q REVIEW - Destination Wedding & Elopement Photographer

The image below is taken straight out of camera "SOOC" with ZERO processing. The distortion is minimal and the sharpness..at 1.7 is amazing.


It was one of my dream to own a LEICA, I guess so are many photographers. As most know, the price for LEICA is pretty steep and it is full manual focus which is pretty slow to shoot a wedding. I tried LEICA M series and it was so new to me, the rangefinder and the weird manual focus (two images to be joined as 1), er...I didn't really understand initially. 

LEICA T first launched, I looked at it and was not impressed because it feels like they have lost their character, looks like an Apple product and it wasn't full frame. Once you have gone full frame or medium format, its really hard to go back. Then last week, I saw LEICA Q on my feed, I thought it was just another LEICA product that isn't something I was looking for. I wanted a LEICA to be fast, auto focus, full frame and of course, slightly cheaper than the M would be ideal. I read through the review a lot and decided to take the plunge. 

Going back to LEICA Q. 

The package of LEICA Q was really impressive, well thought of and very professional. Since it was my first LEICA, I wouldn't know how the others looked like. 

The Performance.

AMAZING!. Skeptical at first but really impressive. The LCD in the viewfinder is amazingly clear. Summilux 28mm is really tact sharp and the manual focus ring, yeah...pretty good. Auto focus was fast too although I didn't use any of that.

The Cons.

1) The Auto Focus - Well, it actually auto detects face and subject, so you can select focus like most DSLR's. I had to shut it off and go full manual instead. Although the full manual focus is actually really good with the auto magnifier (similar to LEICA M styled, this is when I understand the idea behind M). - UPDATED ( YES, the AUTO FOCUS WORKS!! - just found out how to set it, I think its called "point focus" on the setting ) and by turning the knob while pressing the thumb button on the lens, you can set to auto / manual focus. I know.. I dont read the manuals or somehow could not find it.

2) 1 SD card slot. Could have 2 to have a back up, but well, it is categorised under compact camera and not professional level. So, it would be okay.

3) The LCD (back) keeps auto turning on until you look through the viewfinder. I don't really mind this actually but I guess it eats up a lot of battery power. I know I can turn that off, but I haven't done it yet because I still want to view from the back after the click and not before.

4) Well, its not interchangeable, but I guess that is the point. 

The Pros.


2) The build quality, the lens, the manual focus zoom, the brightness and sharpness of the LCD in the viewfinder, the  touchscreen, YES. very impressive.

3) The price, it is nearly AUD6000.00 because of the weak currency of AUD at the mement.

4) Free Lightroom software, well I do already have one, but don't mind having another copy.

5) TACT SHARP!! really. Now I really understand besides the strong branding presence. Leica do have their "LEICA LOOK". The contrast and even shooting at 1.7. The image attached "Stables Bar" was shot at 1.7!! with ZERO processing to it. It was straight out of camera (like I think most review should, I don't understand why reviewers processed the photos!!, how are we going to know the real output quality). This is just"print screen".

6) Well, the BRAND!! what more can I say about this.

I actually didn't expect to use this as a work horse but rather my travel and leisure use, but after using it on 2 of my weddings, it is part of my wedding photography arsenal. 

Would I recommend it? Hell Yeah!!..This is my first Leica and definitely not my last. I will be keeping up with the new Leica products from now on. Only didn't like Leica Q to be in the category of a "compact camera", it is full frame but because it is not interchangeable, it would be a compact camera then.