5 Top Tips for Brides Wedding Timeline Planning - Perth Wedding Photographer

  1. Be the second last to get your hair and make up done.

    It helps to have more time, less stressful morning but getting ready earlier because its quite common to run behind time. Sometimes hair/makeup needs re-touching or fixing, they (the hair and make up artist) are still there for you, just have to put your bridesmaids hair/make up on hold and get on with your again. Also, you will not have the stress of people surrounding you when you are behind time, that would give you a lot of pressure that everyone is waiting for you. I have many experience where the limo or ride arrived and the bride is still getting ready and everyone start panicking. Photographer would also have additional time to get more photos of the bride getting ready, family assisting, excitement on the day and bridesmaids assisting brides as well. Those are awesome timeless photos where there are lots of excitement, positive vibes and fun photos captured.

  2. Emergency Bridal Kit.

    Prepare a pack of brides emergency kit. Within the kit - Some bobby pins, safety pins, ladies stuff, deodorant, pain killers, mints, plasters for shoes, etc. 

  3. More Time.

    As its very common for wedding to run behind time, its good to plan for extra / buffer time so that the photographer, hair/make up artist and other vendors would be sufficient time to the their best for you. You would have more amazing photos with the best hair/make up and more variety of timeless photos.

  4. Food & Beverages.

    Do not forget to plan for food/lunch in the morning or afternoon during hair/make up session. Often the bridal party would not be able to head out to get some food. You can plan for some food delivered or someone who is coming later to bring along some take aways as well. I have experienced some bridal party got really hungry including the brides because they forgot to plan for their lunch. Also, make sure you got enough water for everyone to stay hydrated because its going to be a long day. Have some food or snacks planned for the bridal party (right after the ceremony) before heading out for some photos. They make get hungry during that time and some nice cold beverages would help them too.

  5. Comfy Shoes.

    Bring slippers/thongs/spare comfy shoes in case you need to walk on some uneven gravel ground during the bridal session. This would help relaxed your feet and easier to walk without the possibility of falling over.

Photo below : Destination Wedding in Malaysia. Some nice “Baba Nyoya kuih” for the guests during cocktail hour.

Wedding Venue : Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.