A Day After The Wedding

After every memorable wedding, when I returned home or to my accomodation, I often recall what I did the whole wedding day. Soaring and aching muscles, but pure satisfaction once I have laid the gears on the table and sat down for 5 minutes before turning on my laptop and started transferring images over to back up and view. Although it’s just for a quick glance, but no matter how tired it was, I needed to see the results. It gives me the strength to get up and go for a shower before going to bed. Li Yoon would normally stay up with me to discuss her views during the event and enjoy the captures of the day with me. Although I am just a photographer for the event and not the bride or groom, the satisfaction & relieved feeling that I have after the wedding is nearly as much as being the bride or groom myself. I normally wake up at 6.30am everyday regardless on what time I slept the day before. its the same again this time, I wake up early, freshen up and again browse my favourite photos again and videos while waiting for Melissa and Li Yoon to wake up and have brekkie with me. While Li Yoon was getting ready, I took Melissa out to the breakfast area and we were the earliest there, it was still too early for everyone to be there, even for the kitchen. But, glad they turned on the music and there was a nice classic bench attached to the wall with some nice old cross stitched cushion with the view outside through the nice wooden blinds. Melissa and I just sat there, while she was eating her pear, I was sipping my tea and listening to Rod Steward ballad playing in the background. Looking at the classic interior decoration, made me feel like I was in some classic old movies. Such a relaxing feeling admiring the deco, a giant antique clock, very large classic leather bag ( looks like its to be attached to a horse ) and some other nice props placed high up. Melissa was humming away with the jazzy ballad and even “dance” a little, how cute! That was the most satisfying part of my job, its after a tiring, long and pressured day, a nice moment to relax and reward myself with my loved ones.