Back from the holidays!! | Bunbury Weddings

I have just returned from my holiday in Malaysia for the "Chinese New Year Celebration". Getting to catch up with friends, relatives and family members was awesome, not forgetting the shopping!! we walked and walked from 10am to 10pm, by the time we got back, I could barely feel my legs.

This is the first time we manage to get our family members together after 4-5 years living in different places. Created some new sweet memories for me to treasure in years and years to come. Its all good till we have to head back to Australia. Although I am feeling all charged up for the 2012, but I am also missing everyone that I have met during the trip.

We appreciate life more when we know nothing lasts forever, even memories are forgotten along the way, only thing that we can hold close to our hearts and help us remember when we are old are the photos that was captured. Its like a time machine for most of us. Glad my wife and I captured some memories, nothing too fancy, but something that makes us smile when we look at it.

I was still feeling nostalgic when I arrived home till I opened the letter box and found this lovely card from this wonderful couple, it made my day and motivated me to create more sweet memories for others as well.

A very busy year ahead for me and my wife, but glad to have her support and encouragements to keep improving myself for the better.