Engagement : Carmel + Tim | Engagement Photography in Bunbury

  This lovely couple is from Narrogin and they drove all the way to Bunbury just to have this shoot done. I really appreciate them taking their time off for this and I am very happy that they are such nice people to work with. Tim & Carmel, if you are reading this, thanks again, you guys are brilliant!!

For this shoot, I was experimenting a lot with lens flair, it gives softness and adds mood to the photos. Normally after every shoot, there is always 1 or 2 shots that I love so much and gives me the goosebums. That is the shot that felt I have nailed it 100%, its not just because its creative and artsy..its because I manage to capture couples so in love and viewers can actually feel it by just looking at the picture. That is my ultimate goal and motivation that keeps me hungry for more of those shots.

Will be posting more of this couple in a few weeks time. Till then, I am looking forward to be in Malaysia this weekend for a photography conference and may be posting updates from there. Thanks for stopping by :)