Engagement : Kaylene + Anthony | Engagement in Harvey

I normally suggest to have an engagement shoot before the wedding day to get to know clients better and they will know roughly how I work during my session. Kaylene + Anthony decided to take up my engagement shoot and I am glad they did. Kaylene suggested a farm in Harvey ( Anthony's sis place ). I love to shoot at a farm or secluded area as the couples would get more privacy and hence, can focus better rather than constantly getting distracted. Kaylene & Anthony were such a great couple and they were so patient with me. I suggested breaks in between as it may be exhausting at times, although its fun, but moving around the place with different poses does takes up a lot of energy. The shoot took slightly longer than 2 hours, and I was so happy with the results. My definition of great results is not just looking artsy and nice, its about being able to feel the connection, love and passion between the couples.

Some shots to share from their session :