Fashion : Metro Modelling | Bunbury Fashion Photographer

We actually planned for another themed shoot, but because the weather has changed and its getting really chilly, we have decided to change the theme and location. Michelle from Metro Modelling Bunbury & Jo Clark who helped us with the venue, styling and props was such an amazing help, and of course, the 2 beautiful models Christina & Ronee. It turned out well, although I wasnt feeling well for more than a week with hayfever, couldnt even open my eyes at times, gosh, wish it would go away. Pretty challenging to peek in the viewfinder especially when my eyes gets itchy and teary. As I always wanted to do something different each time. The last fashion shoot was done at the airport with one light setup, this time, there isnt any light set up used at all, it was kept in my car the whole shoot just for back up. I love shooting with just natural light and one reflector, thats all. Makes me more mobile and concentrate more of the expression of the subject rather than the technicality of the shot that may have lost the expression that I want to portray. I have just completed one image at the moment, but will post more soon.. hopefully soon :P