Fashion : South West Fashion - Take 2

After the first time, I was keen on this second shoot, although it was just a 3-4 days notice and glad I was still available for the shoot. Last shoot was focussing just on one model and various dresses with a combination of indoor and outdoor shoot. Although outdoor is my speciality, but I was also keen to explore the indoor shoot. For this second round, its entirely different. Six models, many more dresses for each of the six and its only indoor. Time allocated was 6-7 hours. Much bigger group of people. Although its pretty hard as I only had one main backdrop to work on, I was up for the challenge. Squeezing 6 models to be included in a single model backdrop space is the most challenging task for the day. Also, as there isnt any outdoor planned, I had to make do with what I have. Its jobs like this that pushes my limit to improve myself, that is why I loved it. Also, we have a great team of people to work with.

Now, my next challenge is hopefully would get all the images ready in  a week or less.....:P

Just 2 shots of me with the models and the crew. :)