Fashion : Taylor/Caitlin ( Farm )

We had a bit of fun shooting at a farm in Brunwick. It was such a nice location and the only issue I have during the shoot is lack of time. There are so many other areas that we didnt have time to explore.  I will definitely consider shooting there again in the near future. Model for this shoot was Taylor and Caitlin. Loving their energy during the shoot. Taylor did especially well as she wasnt afraid to get dirty and she is as passionate as me, willing to work very hard to get a good shot. Not forgetting Caitlin who was patient to wait while I things up for the shot.

The thing about me is I get bored easily, even with my own shots. I love my shots for about a week or so, then I wanted to do something new and fresh the next time. I have all the ideas flowing in on how to improve things and make it better as well.

Hope you enjoy my captures and just wanted to share some behind the scenes shots.