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Krystle & Toby's family live in Narrogin, WA, approx 2 hours from where I live. Most will know that I only take up weddings, engagements and fashion, but I do take up lifestyles sometimes if its a small group and somewhere interesting. It was my first time to travel to Narrogin, although the shops are all close on the day I visited, but I still manage to drive around to have a look at the small town. Krystle & Toby have such an amazing property, the interior was so well planned and it was a lifestyle property. I was greeted by a large dog (Henry), pretty scary at first, but turned out to be very friendly. We have the session mostly indoors as it was raining and we moved out towards the end when the rain stopped. Lilli was awesome indoors and Axel loves the outdoors, he finally feels comfy and was so natural in front of the camera. Thanks Krystle & Toby for inviting me to your lovely home for the photo session and for the nice chat.