On Wedding Photography

I started photography taking weddings, then commercials to portraitures and etc..What I enjoyed most? weddings and portraiture or anything in relation to capturing subjects related to people. As I always find more interesting than landscape and etc, I did try to taking landscapes or stills, but found out its just not me, as I do not have the patience to sit and wait for sunsets. I love to move quick and get things done right away.
Weddings comparing with portraits and fashion is much more hectic, stressful and tiring, but it definately worth it when I see the results, important moments in life and best of all, being a part of it . 
Everytime before a wedding, I get really excited and nervous at the same time, why? because for every wedding, I want to make sure I did my best, something different and I do have high expectation on myself as well. I set my bar higher and higher each time. On the wedding day, I am in the zone, I sometimes forget that I am hungry or tired, I only realised all of those at the end of a wedding shoot. Being a wedding photographer, we capture one of the most memorable day in the bride and grooms life, and make sure its timeless. There is no excuse not delivering a 100% or more than a 100% each and every wedding.
And during the event, when you see family members gets teary and emotional, it affects me as well. It somehow makes me appreciate my life more, not sure why, but it does. Probably seeing couples get married, moved on to start a new family, parents happy for them, but at the same time sad to see them moving on. Capturing important moments  like this is like having a  time machine, when we look back at the photos after many many years, it brings back lots of sweet memories. Although we can't turn back time, but it helps us recall all the important moments in life, friends, family and loved ones. Its because of this, every wedding I capture, I treat it like I am photographing my own wedding, how I want it to be, how memorable it must be and etc. I made a big mistake by not hiring a professional wedding photographer for my own wedding many years back, of course that was before I got into photography and didnt know how important it was.  I got 2 photographers, one was a commercial photographer, hence wasnt a proper experienced wedding photographer, and the other was someone new to photography that wants to gain experience capturing wedding events. Well, that guy went missing, didnt dare to pick up my calls after my wedding and messaged me that his computer crashed, and lost some of the images, well, what happen to the rest of it? no more news till today, so many years on. Dissapointed, but who was I to blame..but I digress.
When it comes to delivery of my work, although I provide albums and photos, my favourite of all is the slideshow. Nothing beats the slideshow, the right music, the photos arranged carefully to have the flow of the wedding event, the music that was precisely edited to start and end at the right time, the behind the scenes, the videos that was added together, all those put together on a slideshow. Everytime I looked at my finished work on the wedding slideshow, I still get emotional, because its not just the clients wedding, I was a part of it, its also a sweet memory for me as well.
At the end of the day, the most important thing is, clients satisfaction. I always hope that clients love the results as it motivates me for future weddings and keeps me going no matter how tiring and stressful it gets.
I have received many thank you messages, cards and etc from clients, and would like to thank all of them for putting the effort for sending it to me.
Just would like to share one of my recent message that I really appreciate from my client:
"You wouldn't believe how much more awesome my wedding pics are compared to friends of mines! Well you would know that you do an awesome job, but I was looking at a friends wedding pics and I really felt sorry for her, it's one day that can't be recaptured! We have the most awesome pics to look back on and are veerrrry happy to show them off! Again Thanks heaps! :-) "