Personal : Melissa Growing Up

I can't believe how fast kids grow up. It's still fresh in my mind when Melissa was born. Still remembers how she looks at me in the surgery room, even though I knew she cant really see me, but its so wierd to see her cute little eyes starring at me. Now, 2 1/2 years old after, she changed so much, watching her growing up makes me feel old!! :P.

This shot was taken at the Voyager Estate, Margaret River. I seldom have photos with her as I was mostly behind the camera. Only at times, I get this opportunity to have a photo with her.

We were heading towards the cellar door and Melissa was so excited and running around the gardens. She is definitely an outdoor person


One of the best parts of my job is travelling. It gives us lots of opportunity to visit new places, meet new friends and most importantly take a break. What I would normally do is to travel for the photo session, then I would stay on for another day or 2 and treat it as a family holiday. That way, we get to spend more quality time together and Melissa get to have more fun.


This is one of my fav, Melissa's cheeky smile..



And she is always a happy girl in the morning, getting dressed and couldnt wait to go out. Her fav word is " Gai Gai " (in chinese means going out ) and "Buy Chips"!!, grandma is not going to like it if she heard that! .