Personal : Patience & Happiness

I have been renting this "home" from Just Property Management, Bunbury because we are still new to this place, saving for our own and though it was a great idea then. Rentals in Bunbury have always been a challenge because the market is still short of rentals here. That is why agents and landlords have been and can be very mean and arrogant at times. We have been bullied from the first day we went in and we told ourselves that we need to be patient and no point taking legal action against the unethical agency who keep forcing us to pay additional expenses for things which wasnt our responsibility, and even many broken promises that was ignored even after we paid for it. It has been close to the third year now and it still continued, they even forced us to pay for the re-inspection fees sighting that its "extremely dirty" but it was just some leaves and slight cobwebs oat the patio. They use this tactics to make quick bucks and I have contacted the Tenants Rights information from the website and they informed me that I have a strong case and I should bring it up to the Department of Commerce. Well, its not much money that I can get back, the stress, days taken off to attend the courts hearing and it all worth it. Just Property knows it and that is why they have been constantly victimising tenants for years. Although I believe in Karma, but in life, its never fair, we have learnt to accept bad things that happen in our life, such as this bullying and hopefully move on from there. I believe that happiness in the family is most important, and if I have to pay and be bullied at times, I dont have a choice but to accept it, of course everyone has a limit and I am hoping it does not reach that point.

It gets sad and dissapointing at times, but I normally try to move on think and plan ahead. We are now waiting for our lease to expire and hope to move out soon. As for now, I chose to be patience, have a better health and happiness. And if that comes with a price, I would rather pay for it.

I had a bit of fun playing with Melissa yesterday and it helps to take the stress away, I felt lucky to have a great wife/best friend and daugther as part of my family. It made my life more meaningful besides working as a photographer.