South West Fashion Festival 2011

South West Fashion 2011 is such an amazing project lead by Jo Clark, with her extensive range of experience in the fashion industry in UK, I am so confident that this project will be a success and I am glad to be a part of such an amazing crew.

This was my first time taking up fashion photography. I have done some model’s portfolio, but those are entirely different. It’s normally for 2 hours and just me and the model.

Courtney, the winner and the current face of the South West Fest’10 was selected to be my model for the day. Although it was her first model shoot, she was very professional. And the rest of the crew was great, Ally with the make up, Lisa with hairstyling, Michelle with location and guiding the model, Jo with directing and April & Stephen assisting.

Jo made the right decision by confirming Metro Modelling as the main location of the shoot. We have the space and some nice surroundings for outdoor shoot nearby. As I was only preparing for a 2-3 hours shoot, it went for approx 7 hours!!..4 dresses and different make up and hairstyling, lots of patience from the team.  I was even worried that my battery wasn’t sufficient, glad the back up camera are using the same as camera and I felt secure.

We started to take some indoor studio style shots at first, and head out to the surrounding area for a more interesting backdrop. I was happy and travelling light with just basic gears as we need to move around quickly.