South West Times 2011 - on SW Fest | Bunbury Photographer

Jo from South West Fashion messaged me early in the morning that South Western Times have again missed out my photo credits. I do appreciate her keeping me posted with the updates and I know she tried her best to make things work, although there would be times that mistakes like this is beyond her control. Anyways, I would like to thank her again for trying her best. She did an awesome job getting so many pages on South West Times, and so many of my photos appeared on the papers, although there isn't any credits  for photos but I was happy anyways to see it published. I am indeed inpressed with what Jo is capable of achieving as I know its not easy to get such a big event happening and getting the sponsors in.

Now, many of us, including myself are looking forward for the event and excited to see what other surprises Jo have installed for us. No pressure Jo! .. lol..:P