Commercial : Smith Construction



Smith Construction - Commercial Shoot

This was one of the most interesting commercial shoot I have ever done. The objective was to get shots for their flyers, web and other marketing / advertising material. I needed corporate portraits, group shots of board members and staff, staff working in the office and staff working onsite in 2 different location. Getting all the shots in the office was fun, meeting new people and there were even kids there, having something like a field trip, only that its not. Its the kids and their friends of the director getting to know how contruction works. As safety is always the priority for them, its cute to see the boys with all the safety gears. Anyways, after getting the shots I need in the office, we head out to a hotel an old hotel in Bunbury for a work in progress shot for about 30mins and after that we head towards Binningup for a larger project - work in progress shot. It was an extremely hot day!!.. before I was even allowed to get to the contruction site, I need to be booked in a week in advance, probably to do a background check on me, then at the entrance, I must learm amd understand the safety procedure, rules and regulation, and there are lots of things I am not allowed to do on site. After getting the paperwork sorted, finally.. I get to move in.

Its like a 5 min walk from the entrance to the site, under the hot sun, lugging my heavy gears and wearing full protection gears. Did some shots of the mobile office, ground floor and I have decided to move up to the first floor. Now, there isnt any first floor, its actually the roof!!.. lol.. no stairs to go up, there was just a very long ladder up. As my camera didnt have any strap, I have to hold the camera on one hand and the other to help climb up the ladder. Although the ladder was pretty shakey, but its all locked in, gave me the confidence that although I am afraid of heights, but I went on with it. What a great experience for me. Never took photos of a construction site before. And the guys there were such a great help, helped me with the flash and even took me up the “mobile lift” to get a better view of the site. Dont know whats the name of the tiny mobile lift, but it was fun! I wish I could steer the mobile lift around alone.. :P.. Thanks to Smith Construction, especially Andrew for commissioning me, helping me around and being so patient.