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Wendy & Jon Dixon approached me for a photo session for a a full page adverts in multiple newspaper publication. They wanted to portray a lifestyle feel to the ad that involves surfing ( Jon's passion ). They were recommeded by a fantastic web and graphic designer, Andrew Jabs from minefield and another client of mine. Andrew did a great job putting it together and Wendy was brilliant giving me such detailed description on what she was after. That helps alot to know what they were after. Although I am just specialising on weddings, engagements, fashion and lifestyle portraits, I have taken this project up as it relates to lifestyle portraits. Love how it turns out with Andrews help. If you are looking for a fantastic web designer in the South West, Andrew's the man!! :)

Let me know what you think? :)

Lifestyle Portraits : Taj & Hayden


Taj & Hayden - Lifestyle Portraits

Location : Koombana Beach, Bunbury, WA.

I have done a few family portraits at Koombana beach, a nice and convenient location for kids with a nice playground. I like this location, besides being convenient for me, just slightly over 8 mins drive from home, is the beach being a safer place for kids to be in the water.

We moved to the side of the beach as I didnt want to get a busy background of people walking around.  Hayden was such a nice boy and photogenic as well. He have the patience to be still and allow me to take shots of him. Taj was a little mysterious, he is kinda camera shy at first, but went on to run around and got warmed up for the session. He has a very strong personality I like the shot of him swinging the bucket. Blythe, their mum was so patient and helped me out a lot to make their kids happy for the photos. ( Thanks Blythe ).

The shoot I think was probably close to 2 hours, hm.. cant really recall for some reason. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the photos and please feel free to comment on the photos. cheers :)

Tarli + Ryan Engagement Session

Tarli & Ryan decided to have an engagement shoot at the beach just before their wedding, I have suggested a few location and we have decided to go with Dalyellup beach. Love the location because we have lots of privacy, ( although there was a naked man trying to get attention by running in the background during the shoot.. LOL! ).., and open space.

They arrive with two of their lovely dogs to be a part of their engagement shoot. One of the idea is to have some shots in the water, but it was freezing cold!!, have to work on the alternative. End result was great, they were very happy with the images and I have finalised the shoot with a slideshow and an exclusive custom album. Will be posting some shots of the album soon. :)

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