Junebug Weddings : Published - Perth Wedding Photographer

So happy that another wedding was published and this time its Miek + Lyall wedding at Junebug Weddings. I love it when Junebug weddings writes about it, its so detailed and the way they put it together its just awesome!. Thanks Junebug!! :))

junebug wedding.jpg

Commercial : Garvan Financial Planning | Perth Photographer

Wendy from Garvan Financial Planning was referred to me by my previous clients and said, I came highly recommeded. I always happy when clients refer their friends and associates to me. It means I am doing my job well and that keeps me motivated. Although I have stop taking in commercial shoots, but occasionally when the commercial shoots relates to lifestyle portraits, I would still take it up. Wendy requested for a full page ad on the local paper and wanted a photo of Jon who was celebrating his 20 years anniversary with his company. She wanted something lifestyle and relates to his passion for surfing. Its good that she has a clear direction on the advertising. What I normally do is to work with the client on what they wanted specifically and once I got the shot they wanted, I went on to explore what I wanted if we still had time.

Some images to share :)