Photographers Intangible Creative Value

Recently, I have seen lots of articles and videos circulating over the social media showing professional photographers trying to explain to potential wedding clients on why the budget allocated wasn’t enough, eventhough the potential wedding clients have spend a fortune on dresses, limos, props for ceremony/reception and etc. Photographers even go to the extend of explaining that they have invested in expensive gears, workshops, post-processing skills and etc. I am only speaking on my behalf and from my personal point of view.

With the current influx of newbie photographers in the market trying to get their portfolio, they would offer free or provide a very cheap service to clients. I have nothing against them as I was one of them when I first started. Lots of professional photographers are against those newbies from undervaluing their work. From my point of view, I dont think they are undervaluing their work, the real value comes from experience, creativity, technical expertise and etc. Those new photographers who are just trying to break in the market would not have these real value and they are putting their clients at a risk by not having sufficient redundancy, technical experience and experience in dealing with challenges on or before the wedding day. That is why, I do not think they are under charging their clients, I dont even think client should be paying for their service as they are just using the wedding clients as hands on training and to develop skills in photography in the process. These new photographers are necessary to help those who can’t afford to hire a professional wedding photographer. Those who are just planning a very small wedding event, tight on budget and just needed some basic photos for their memory, as not everyone can afford high quality photos, that is the reason why we have small and cheap compact cars, and luxury sports car. Having options of clients I think is a good thing.

On another note, I dont think professional photographers should explain and convince their clients that they are investing their valuable time, experience, gears, workshop, traning and etc..At the end of the day, its not what expensive gears you have, what training you attended, or how much time you put in. Its the end result regardless on what you have or invested. Some people need a degree or PhD in art to be an artist and some were born talented with just basic training would be sufficient. I think the more photographers trying to explain, the worst it would become. I think and believe that when I walk in to an art gallery in Musee du Louvre, Paris and walking into a local smalltown art gallery, the experience is entirely different. The lightings on the artwork, the large, elegant and artistic open space, exclusive large framing, one of a kind quality and creativity of work, finess in details and not to mention, the famous names who created the masterpiece who took years to develop their style or ” brand “. Now, if i had the money to funish my beautiful house/mansion, I would invest on the best masterpiece to suit my style and elegance. Do I need to wake Da Vinci up to convince me that he used the most expensive brush in the world, the highest grade canvas, the best colours and etc?, I dont really think so. Everyone’s taste varies and if i see his work and love it so much, I would pay the price for it, without a salesman trying to convince me, why I am paying the price for it. Of course, unless the artwork you are producing is not up to standard and you would need a salesman to convince you about what brush they use and etc..Or if the clients don’t think the masterpiece is worth it, its just their taste, nothing agaist personal taste, as I may not like all the famous artwork as well. Its all back to personal choice.

If they love it, they would not need hard selling salesman to convince them. They would just get it. Again, I am just speaking from my personal point of view and experience. Its just in general and may not apply to all.

Thanks for reading :)