Wedding : Tari + Ryan | Wedding in Quindanning, WA

It was my first time at Quindanning, WA, a private and rural location. Tarli & Ryan did such a great job with all the preparations and even provided me with photos of the place she wanted the photos before the wedding that allows me to plan ahead. She booked a room for us at the Old Quindanning Inn, that accommodation was the oldest and most interesting accommodation I have stayed. Although its not a 5 star accommodation, but it’s a very nice place to stay. It has many antique props and when I walked in there, it felt like I am going back a 100 years. The windows, the lounge, the chairs and etc.. everything was antique. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the antique props.

This is also my first time photographing a 100% outdoor reception, without any tents, covers or etc.. It’s a 100% outdoor.. hahaha.. Its very nicely set up, the ceremony and reception is just next to each other. Only challenge was during the reception when it gets really dark and only a small area is lighted up. It looks good though with the candle lights on the tables. I love challenges as that is one of the way I get to push myself to adapt quickly, be flexible and improve, keeps me sharp.

I seldom get special requests, but I loved it. During the reception, in between meals, Tarli came up to me and asked if she could have more bridal shots around the place, as we didn’t have enough time to get the shots we wanted earlier due to some delay between the ceremony and reception. During this time, bride and groom is normally tired and just wanted to mingle around, but not for Tarli, she has the stamina to go for more. Its because of her determination and stamina, we got so many more great shots around the place. It motivates me to see client excited and wanted more bridal shots as this was my favourite part of a wedding. I won’t feel tired as I am in the zone.

There were around 100 guests and the benefit of having a total outdoor reception is the dance floor, you can dance just about anywhere you wish, it can be so large if you chose to. I’ve met so many nice friends, relatives and families of Tarli & Ryan, everything went so well.

My favourite part besides taking bridal portraits was the morning after the wedding. Recalling all the nice things that happen yesterday while having a nice and relaxing brekky with wife and Melissa.