About Destination Wedding, My travels around Europe recently | Perth Wedding Photographer

Recently I have been travelling a bit around Europe for destination weddings and some personal travel as well. For the first time, it's with my wife and kid and it was amazing!

Challenge is always the same, which gear to bring, reduce the weight on my carry on and on my back. Lots and lots of walking.

The destination wedding that I captured in France and UK was partially on film. My new found hobby, still photography but with the old school film. Meaning, more weight as I carried around 35 rolls (Fuiji400H & Kodak 800) for each wedding. I have received my scans from my lab in Europe for the UK wedding, but still anxiously waiting for my travel scans from Barcelona, Paris and the wedding in France.

Just a few images from Bath, UK, with my new favourite Contax 645 with Zeiss 80mm 2.0 on film.