Faversham House, York, Western Australia - Perth Bunbury Wedding Photographer Videographer

I met Nola at Laurelville after the event and she did a bit of introduction about her place at Faversham House, York, WA. After she have left, Katie Colgan from Loui Col shared her experience with me about that venue. I find it very interesting to have a totally different style and set up with Laurelville when both venues are not too far away and built around the same time. Both totally different character and style but both looks amazing in its own way. So, me and my assistant Avril decided to make a quick stop at Faversham House just to say Hi to Nola and briefly see the place before we head back. The moment I entered Faversham House, I knew I needed to take my camera out. Its so amazing, the antiques, structure, style and everything else is so full of character. 

That is when we have decided to take a bit more time and walk around the place for a bit of interior and exterior photos. I sure am glad I did!. Thanks to Avril for assisting me. I am looking forward to capture a wedding in Faversham House.

Thanks Nola, for showing us around.