Family | Melissa & Her Camera | Bunbury Perth Photographer

Being a full time lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer, it does take up a lot of my personal time. Having less time for kids and family is part of the sacrifice for the job. Melissa sometimes come to my office just to ask me to play with her, most of the time, I would say maybe later. But there are times that I feel that I need to take a break and spend some time with her. Its important to have a balance in life. Family and work must be balanced and constantly checked.  

Today is one of those days, I took a short break from work and played with her outside. I asked her to take her camera out to have some fun, as she love her plants, I guided her a little on taking pictures of her favourite plants and she even took some pictures of me. I would say, it was fun and probably remind myself to keep spending time with my family.