Wedding Celebrant - Bunbury, South West, Busselton & Margaret River

Why choosing the right celebrant for your wedding is so important?. It took me some time to realise that there are awesome celebrants and there are celebrants who can negatively affects your wedding ceremony and day. 2-3 year ago, I thought most celebrants are the same, they are there to assist couples with vows, ceremony and to do the formal documentation for the wedding.

There are so many variations of celebrants, I guess similar to wedding photographers, so many different style of celebrants. Some celebrants are new, some are very experienced, some strict, some clumsy, some dress appropriate and etc..Depending on what suits your style of wedding and personal character, I would recommend that you take your time to connect with the celebrant before booking them. Try not to decide based on their awesome sales techniques or google ranking, getting to know them personally and feel that they will do an awesome job carrying out their task on your wedding day is most important. 

Reason I am blogging about this is that I have experienced a few weddings that could have been better and smooth flowing if the celebrant was punctual, organised and coordinate better. Not having vows prepared before the ceremony on the wedding day, being late for the ceremony and not coordinating well during the ceremony, from my point of view is not really acceptable. Its such an important day for the couple and big mistakes like this will affect the rest of their wedding day. 

I do have a list of really awesome celebrants that I have worked with the in past and would love to forward them on. And if you are still deciding on which celebrant to choose for your wedding and would like my input on who to choose, please feel free to contact me.