Old Coast Road Brewery, Myalup, Western Australia - Bunbury Perth Fine Art Wedding Photographe

 Old Coast Road Brewery at Myalup, Western Australia is one of the place to go for awesome beers. I guess they even made it family friendly with playgrounds, ball games and lots of space for the kinds to run around. And Yes, love their beer towers, didn't manage to get a shot of that because no one was drinking it at 2pm in the afternoon.

I was actually doing a commercial shoot for The Best Of Bunbury on location and after that, we decided to hang out and have our meals there. Since I had the camera with me and I know that I have an upcoming wedding in this venue, I have decided to take a stroll around and capture some images to share.  

What I love about this place, hm.. I would say, the trees and the open spaces. This place would really suit my style of photography. The greens, open fields and rustic feel of the place makes this place ideal for weddings. As you can see from my image, there are even chickens here.

It would make an awesome venue for weddings in the South West Region and pretty close to Bunbury. Looking forward to capture the wedding here for photography and cinematography.