THANK YOU!! | Perth Wedding Photographer

About  a year ago, I have created a facebook page . Reason behind creating this site was simple, just testing out facebook system. I didnt have any intention to market it or didnt know anyone would be interested in my photographer services anyways. An ex-colleage of mine was the first "fan" then, before it was changed to "like". So happy that she was the first to support me, even though she knows she was the only one. Even I, myself was not a fan of my own site..ahaha..It was until a commercial shoot I did for a client, she then helped promote my facebook page. That kicked off a few more "likers". Then I joked with my wife, I think I can have a thousand fan in a year if we actually try to move it forward. She gave me a wierd look.the "yeah rite" look.. haha..but, was supportive anyways. I have now slightly more than a thousand fans and I am so happy with it. Not because I have much better photos than competitors, or more likers than other sites, but its just a personal accomplishment that I set a goal an achieved it. I know there are so many other photographer who are amazing, may have very little "likers" coz they are just not into facebook and some others who have way.. way.. more than me, when I say more, its not in thousands, it in tens of thousands. Making my 1000 "likers" feel like a peanut. hahah.. but its just a personal goal for me or I am easily satisfied.

I would just like to thank all of you for visiting my facebook and blog site and hope you will continue to support me in my journey in photography. :)