Wedding: Vintage Themed Wedding

It was my first time photographing an asian wedding in Australia. This lovely couple decided to themed their wedding vintage. Unfortunately, I am unable to share the stunning location photos as this lovely couple would like to keep their wedding private and the all copyrights was bought by them. The location they picked ” Secret Garden” was one of the best location I have experienced so far. Its like eden :). They even have a small ” tea ceremony ” a chinese tradition during the ceremony.

What I love most about the wedding besides their stunning location, it was the fine details that they have prepared, from the invitation card ” WOW!x2” what a well designed card, beautiful props/deco.  Lots of effort was put into it and the outcome was simply brilliant. The groom is an architect, its probably why he is into such beautiful details. 

Melissa and Li Yoon had fun too, although both of them were really tired following me around, but they enjoyed meeting new friends and experience different wedding. After a long 10-11 hours wedding, I got home, could barely feel my arms and legs, but its all worth it!! :).. had to reward myself at the spa in the hotel before heading home..:).. uh..not forgetting a quick stop at Busselton before be head home.