Destination Wedding in Santorini, A Greek Heaven

 This was my first wedding captured in the amazing Santorini!!  It is so amazingly dreamy and the view looks like you are in heaven and certainly not overated. That is why so many dream to have their destination in Santorini. The pastel blue domes, beautiful cliffs, amazing weather, vibe and everthing about this makes it utter perferction.

What I love most about this wedding besides the breathtaking views overlooking the Aegan sea is the ceremony and reception. the backdrop of their wedding ceremony was spectacular! And for their reception, they have the traditional Greek musicians, dancers and even a plate smashing session! How fun is that!! Everyone loves to smash their plates, pretty cool idea on their wedding day.

This modern and minimalist themed wedding was a clear vision from Nikki (bride) and made possible by their wedding planner in Santorini.

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