Our Hello Vendor profiles offer creative couples and brides and grooms to-be the opportunity to meet the clever humans behind the brand. It gives you a chance to put a face to the name and allows you to gain some insight into what makes the creative souls you are hiring to shoot/design/bake/style your wedding tick. We’ve introduced you to floristshair and makeup artists and collectors of second hand designer gowns, just to name a few, and today, here we are again, introducing you to West Australian photographer Ben Yew – a kind, family man who has quickly climbed the ladder to become a wedding industry favourite.

Tell us a little about your background? Married with two kids, I am based in the mini city of Bunbury, Western Australia. I’m originally from Malaysia and after completing my business degree in the UK, I moved back there and later co-founded an I.T company for a few years before moving to Australia. That is when my passion for photography grew because I finally had time to explore it properly. It was a gradual process from just shooting weddings on the weekends to taking the plunge and becoming a full time photographer.

How did you get into the photo taking game? It started as a hobby and gradually became an addiction. Pretty serious actually, my wife was worried that I was married to my camera and not her! I started taking up weddings because I got married around that time and was looking at some awesome photographers work. I was slowly drawn into the wedding photography industry and have loved it ever since. I love the emotions and the details on a wedding day, it motivates me to keep doing what I do, capturing memories for couples and their loved ones.

Talk us through a typical day in the Ben Yew studio? First thing in the morning, I will check my calender, emails, social media then I start the editing process. I then take a few breaks for meals and allocate some play time with my daugthers. And suddenly its 10pm, I often wonder what happened to all my time. If I’m shooting a wedding the next day, I count and clean my gears to make sure everything is in place and that I’m organised.

Where do you find your inspiration? My inspiration comes mostly from websites, not one in particular because I keep looking for something different to what I normally shoot. Usually it starts from just one website or article, which then leads to another, then another and sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon some really amazing work and I can spend half a day trying to understand it! It can be in the form of an artwork or some motivational article.

Do you have a favourite ceremony and/or reception venue to shoot at? My favourite ceremony and reception venue is somewhere I have never shot before. Getting the most amazing landscape and light helps, but I am also always after something new. I love surprises and jaw dropping moments. Although I always do my research before heading to a new venue, it sometimes looks so different from the photos on their website.

Any advice for couples a little nervous in front of the camera? Think about your first date, your first kiss, the proposal and the funniest thing that happened to you just before the session. Keep your mind off the camera by having a conversation with your fiance and the photographer.

Any funny stories from life on the road as a wedding photographer? There was this wedding a long time ago, I was following the bride’s limo to the ceremony and suddenly when the bride came out from the limo, it wasn’t my bride! The limo was the exact same colour, model and was at the same round-a-bout. I guess I didn’t see that the other one had gone the other way. I’m glad the bridal party was only five minutes away from the other wedding.

Describe your style in three words Light, soft, emotive.

What equipment do you use? For photography, I use two units of Nikon D800’s paired with prime lenses (24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 70-200mm). Three Nikon Flashes and one LED Light.

All time favourite wedding you have shot and why? It is really hard to pin point one favourite wedding because every wedding I capture is unique in some way. I favour small, simple family weddings that are intimate and filled with lots of emotions. But then there are also weddings with some really amazing details and landscapes and some really, really amazingly themed weddings too. I like it ALL! (A collection of Ben’s favourite photos can be found below.)

Where can we see more of your work? Please check us out on FacebookInstagram and of course our blog.