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In Focus

Name:Ben Yew

Business Name: Ben Yew Photography

Years in Business: 7 Years

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I thought I would be an accountant, not because I wanted too, but because my parents went to see a fortune teller when I was really young and he said I would be an accountant. I guess his prediction wasn’t really accurate!. Being a photographer definitely wasnt on the list, I guess it just happened.

What inspires you?

Besides awesome work from other creatives from all different industries, Its the movies that I watched, music that I listened to and inspiring stories that I have read. Its a combination of everything.

Whose work has influenced you the most?

I am influenced by quite a few photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Elizabeth Messina and Henri Cartier Bresson amongst others.

What are the steps you take to create the perfect photograph?

I would first look around for a nice background, then search for some suitable natural lightings. Preparing the couple for the session to relax and to feel comfortable in front of the camera is very important.  Once they are relaxed, I will capture the real chemistry between them and create the finest moment portrait for them.

What has been your favourite photoshoot to date?

Every photoshoot is unique in its own way, I can't really decide which is my favourite. Sometimes its the scenery, the awesome couple in love, and sometimes is the beautiful details. It changes from time to time, that is what I like about photography. Its a journey and it evolves along the way.

Describe your style:

My style of photography is capturing the finest moment with soft and natural light. Its not just about beautiful scenery and nice glowy lights, its also about capturing the real chemistry between the couple.

What obstacles have you come up against when trying to be creative?

I guess its the same as all the other creatives in different industry, sometimes we get stuck doing the same thing that works and that is also what our clients like, but we can overcome it by doing personal projects to ensure our work continuously evolve and slowly introducing our new work to our clients.

What would be a regular day in your space?

Its actually pretty repetitive. Start my day with emails, emails and more emails! haha, then I will start my photo processing work that would literally take the whole day, that would be for a typical day at the studio. Yeah, not forgetting the slight marketing, accounts, co-ordination of staffs, travel arrangements and etc. I am actually looking forward for more photo sessions outside and in the office.

What’s your family life like?

Married with 2 daughters, I have taken a bit of time to learn that we need a good balance in life and family, and I am still learning till today!. My wife is very supportive with what I do and she is the one who introduced me to photography. I also love playing with my kids when I have the time or I will try to make some time for them. They also give me a good reason to take my mind off work sometimes and its really good for me.

For someone starting out in the industry what would you suggest to them?

Invest in some good workshops, it helps you improve quicker and try to outsource some administrative or accounting work out. You would have more time to improve your craft.

Best bit of advice you received for your business?

Fully outsource the things you do not like, it was accounting for me.