Wedding At Laurelville Manor, York | Miek + Lyall

Photography + Film : Ben Yew Photography
Reception & Ceremony Venue : Laurelville Manor
Hairstylist : Birdsnest Bridal
MUA : Grace Buckley 
Deco : DIY
Celebrant : Beth Parker
Gown: Brides by Mancini from Ledgends Bridal, Joondalup.
Rings:Ross Ezekiel 
Jewellery: Tiffany and co
Cake :Sweet and simple cakes Perth

Groomsmen:Lachlan Bartsch , Todd Benson
Groomsmaid: Kora Drage

Bridesmaids: Lauren Nelligan, Aimee Lailey

Laurelville Manor, York in Western Australia is such an awesome place! its THE place for vintage weddings, it seems that everything was set up that way for it. Especially loves the tea cups variation!. I would love to photograph more weddings there.

Annemiek (Miek) and Lyall is such a great couple. From the video and the photos, you can feel how loving they are. They are just made for each other. Her parents put it a lot of effort to DIY the decorations and Lyall sister helped co-ordinate the vendors and plans. This is such an awesome wedding where family members got involved and put so much love and heart to it. And of course, I would like to thank Miek & Lyall for putting so much effort to make it so awesome!. Oh.. besides her dress other decorations, the cake is just so so beautiful.

And it hail stormed right after her ceremony, which was very very rare in summer. But luck was on her side as it was just a short while. So glad and honoured to be a part of their special day. 

From Miek :

"We knew when we started planning that we wanted a fun day that was just that little bit different to your typical wedding. Photography was our number one priority which is why we met with you so early on. 

Next big hurdle was finding a venue that would allow us the freedom to create the atmosphere that we wanted. We had spent several weekends travelling around Perth looking at venues. We had even been to York a couple of times before we met with Sandra and Laurelville. I think I knew as soon as we walked into the manor that this was our venue! There were countless hours spent trawlling through second hand shops and gumtree, not to mention the absolute mammoth task my Mum took on of hand sewing all the bunting, the tablecloths, the bouquet wraps, the cutlery holders, and making all the lace for the napkins and things too! She is so very talented and our wedding wouldn't have looked half as beautiful without all her handy work 

On the day every bride's worst nightmare happened with the rain (although a tarot reader in Bali had told me back in March that it was going to rain on my wedding day, so we shouldn't have been surprised!), but luckily it held out just enough for the ceremony and cleared up later in the night so that we could have our open air dance floor!"


"With sweet travel references that reflected their shared love for exploration and adventure, Miek and Lyall planned a wedding day that was personal and thoughtful. One of their first decisions was a great one - to hire Ben Yew as their wedding photographer! Ben's images are characteristically romantic and ethereal. His lens seem to capture the softest light, the sweetest moments, and elegant simplicity wherever he trains it! And the couple's beautiful color palette of robin's egg blue, brown, and cream with dusty pink accents was the perfect complement!"

We simply adore the vintage travel theme that planned for their York, Australia wedding! From the soft cream, blue, brown, and rose color palette, to the vintage maps and globes and the guest itinerary, it was a tasteful nod to their shared love for adventure. We also love the bunting that Miek's mother created, and the romance and whimsy it added to the event. She must have been sewing for days! Enjoy this peek at their lovely wedding photos from Ben Yew Photography (Perth Wedding Photographer)  

The Goals: We wanted our wedding to be fun and memorable. We knew we wanted an all in one venue so our guests didn't have to spend hours in limbo between the ceremony and reception. We knew we wanted the freedom to be able to put our own 'stamp' on the day. Another thing that was important was photography- which is why we met with the very talented Ben Yew early on. His images are just breathtaking and exactly as we had hoped. At the end of the day, the photos are the only visual reminder you have of all that hard work, so we didn't take the decision lightly.

The Vision: Within days of being engaged we decided we wanted a Vintage Travel theme. Lyall and I have traveled extensively over the world so it kind of made sense. We tied in the travel theme subtly - a couple of vintage suitcase stacks, photos from our past travels, some old globes, and the wording in our invites. Guests were invited to join us as we "traveled down the aisle". The colours originally started off as robin egg blue, brown and cream, but I managed to squeeze in some dusky pink as well! By the time the wedding rolled around there were lots and lots of colours calling our wedding home (all tied in together by the metres and metres of handmade bunting my very talented Mum made!)

Originally we didn't want a cake - I had never seen one that really looked all that amazing. Then, on one of my many web-browsing evenings I came across a picture, and it was just so beautiful! I knew it was going to be that cake or bust!

The Look: I was adamant I was going to wear a very vintage inspired, figure hugging fishtail dress. But sometimes your dreams aren't always what you thought! I had spent countless days trying on dresses, and it wasn't until I was heavily "encouraged" by the sales lady to try on my dress, that I actually cried! I loved the lace shoulders, and the key hole back. And the bottom was simple enough that it didn't look too "puffy". I added on a pink White by Vera Sash and a White by Vera Wang veil to complete the look. I knew I didn't want my bridesmaids to be matchy matchy so I took them both shopping and let them pick out a style of dress they liked. I then took photos of those dresses to Bali and had them custom made by a tailor. One in a dusty pink, the other a paler pink. I wasn't too sure how they would look together, but seeing the photos I know we made the right choice.

The Moments: My favourite memory of the day (apart from that glorious moment of walking down the aisle and just thinking "oh my god! I made it!"), was with our magician. Our couple portraits took a bit longer than we thought, and Lyall and myself knew that no matter what we wanted 30 minutes of time for just the two of us to relax and take it all in. During this time, the magician we had booked knocked on our door and said that he was about to leave, but didn't want us to miss out. We then proceeded to get a private 5 minute show with him which was just amazing. And during a card trick, we pulled the 2 of hearts, and he had said this card had been pulled many other times while he was out with our guests. Hopefully that has to be the best omen!

My biggest wedding success was being able to enjoy the day. I had let go of all the small details on the day and put my trust in my absolutely amazing family and in-laws. I was able to enjoy a delicious breakfast without interruption and just focus on what the day really was...the day my happily ever after began!!

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