MALAYSIA - IPOH - Qing Xin Ling leisure & Culture Village

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When I was first found out about this place Qing Xin Ling cultural village, I was quite surprised because I have never heard of this place. I have been to Ipoh many times, but I was told it is a new place. They have made a lot of changes and I must say..this is definitely the place to visit, especially for photographers. Its like a mini China or Taiwan in the old days. They managed to source a lot of antique stuff and put it all together in this small village. The entrance fee is only RM4.00 and you have unlimited use of the bicycles, tri-cycles and etc. Pretty cool place for such a good price. Just remember to bring your mosquito repellent, trust me, you will need it!.

I even hike up /jungle trek by mistake and it is amazingly tough when there is a swamp of mozzies around you ALL THE TIME. I think I had over 50 mozzie bites in just a short time. Its not like you can run up while jungle trekking in the slippery path.

As long as you dont jike/jungle trek up the hill, you would really enjoy it.