White Sands, Crystal Clear Blue Water and Beautiful Vines

Kristy & Jim's Wedding at Margaret River, Western Australia

Beach wedding in Margaret River, WA is pretty common, but what this amazing bride have in mind is something a bit different. If I am not mistaken, she is working in a creative enviroment or industry that gave her lots of inspiration for her wedding. 

Most weddings around the Margaret River region is breathtaking to start, helps to have a stunning backdrop for the wedding ceremony especially when the weather was perfect on the day and wedding reception at Credaro wines is definitely a pefect combination. This is one of the wedding that I shot hybrid, a combination of old school film camera (medium format Contax 645 to be precise) and my normal go to Nikon DSLR. The film dreamy and softness creates a very nice mood to the images with the glowly natural light both indoor and outdoor.

Walking on the sand without shoes for bride and bridesmaids and rolling up sleeves and pants seems pretty relaxed and that is what I guess the bride was going for.

Do check out some of my images captured from this wedding and do check out some of my travel work at www.benyewstories.com if you would like to experience my journy and some artwork for your home deco.