Ever wondered why Paris is called the city of love? It is because of the beautiful crisp mornings of the city and romantic evenings which exude love in every moment. Every breath you take in of the Parisian air, you can feel romance seeping in through your veins and lighting up your mood, bringing out the real romantic in you. In Paris, Love is always in the air.

The streets, the art, every nook and corner of this beautiful city has ‘love’ written all over it. You will fall in love all over again with life. Paris is known for its exquisite architecture, roadside cafes and food (French bread, macaroons and pastries anyone?). It is the art and architecture of this city that bewilders the most, with structures like Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and who can forget the great Eiffel Tower, boast Paris and Parisians’ love for art.

Travelling alone most of the time gives me the freedom to explore the local culture while getting lost in the city of love. 

Even with my years of travelling, I have yet to master the art and sense of direction. I keep getting love in big cities, small towns or just within a travel location. I used to think it was a curse, getting lost in amazing places like Venice, Santorini, Dubai, Barcelona amongst many others opened my eyes to new interesting places. Those artistic back lanes that can lead to another amazing discovery of the local people and culture. 

Having been to Paris a few times for wedding or pre-wedding session, this amazing city always inspire creativity. Maybe its the music, the Parisian culture or just the lifestyle. Tourist flocking to the iconic locations such as the Eiffel TowerArch de Triomphe,, Sacre du Coeur for photos while others just enjoying their coffee in the tiny cafe around the city.

This trip, I have decided to share my experience with film photography, going old school and carrying a bunch of film rolls in my bag, quite the weight by the way and wasn’t easy on my shoulders and back, but definitely worth it. 

I had to plan well to avoid getting too many tourist in the shot and to capture my dreamy Paris in my pasterly colour palette. 

Plan for a dream destination wedding in Paris followed by a romantic honeymoon. Let love speak through every moment, every silence, let it surround you so that nothing echoes but love. Hold his/her hand and walk through the city, living in those love stories, you have wished to experience for real. It can never be wrong with this city when you are planning to make your wedding and/or honeymoon a romantically memorable one. The city of love has that spark that brings out the romantic in you.

Let your wedding in Paris be a memorable affair for you and your life partner. Everything, from the lights, to the flower arrangement, the food and the feeling of love between you and your love will speak volumes of romance. All the arrangements will amalgamate into the air and create the perfect aura so that you enjoy every bit of it.

You want to secure everything, don’t you, so that you can relive those moments time and again. You want everything to be captured splendidly so that your wedding photographs speak; they take anyone looking at them into the moment itself.

This city has one of the best in everything. You will have fun of a lifetime sharing your life’s best days with your love in this city. Make sure you get to enjoy every bit of it while you are there. Who knows when you get the chance to visit Paris again?

I am hoping that my images would give you a relaxed and artistic experience of Paris, France.

I was shooting a destination wedding in Angers, France and decided to just take 2 days to wonder around Paris before my next Pre-Wedding shoot. The last time I was here was over a decade ago during my summer break from uni in UK. Although Paris is the same but my experience was entirely different.

Why different?

I wasn't a photographer then and was being a typical tourist. The things I see and experience wasn't the same. Previously, I went to Musee Lourve and spend the whole day, Disneyland, went up the Eiffel Tower, Arc de triumph, Notre Dame. and the other tourist sites around Paris.

This time, site seeing the site seeing was so different. I was looking around for people, shapes, backdrops, light and etc. Feels more like scout location for the shoot the next day rather than feeling like a tourist. I even cycled nearly the whole of Paris as it definitely looks better than travelling via subway or just taxi from point A to B, it is the journey that makes it more interesting than just the destination.

My accommodation was towards where the locals live, Montmantre, I captured people jogging and try to capture images that portrays my style rather than selfies or typical tourist photos and its actually quite hard knowing that Paris have been captured by so many photographers and its nearly impossible to portray a slightly different look. I guess I was also hoping to capture the Parisian lifestyle as well as the famous landmarks.

During my travel, I love to travel light, well..and still learning how to. Because there are so many pickpockets around (actually it wasn't as bad as before because of the heavy police and army presence after the terrorist attack), I actually felt quite safe. But being a worrier, I did travel with my small national geographic shoulder bag with just a Leica Q & Nikon D750 with 58mm 1.4 lens. I shot everything with it. And even that, it was heavy after adding the spare batteries, water bottle, snacks and etc.

The Challenge was everywhere I go, there is a million tourist everywhere!! well, it is called the city of love and probably one of the most visited cities around the world. That is why more and more photographers do not shoot during peak hours, some even starts at 10pm and shoot through to the morning to get some nice landscapes of the famous landmarks. I will definitely do that the next time. 

What I love about this trip to Paris?

I felt like a local and lived the Parisian lifestyle. I tried all forms of transportation, experience the french music, even make an attempt to speak french..just simple sentences to start but hoping to learn more. Maybe next trip..hopefully I would be able to speak fluently! Last trip, I only know Bonjour and a few other words, mostly communicated in English :P.

Travelling alone does feel lonely especially in Paris, but loneliness allows me to explore Paris better from my point of view, perhaps not better..but different. You probably can sense my loneliness in my images. 

Hope you enjoy these images captured through my lens :)