I was shooting a destination wedding in Angers, France and decided to just take 2 days to wonder around Paris before my next Pre-Wedding shoot. The last time I was here was over a decade ago during my summer break from uni in UK. Although Paris is the same but my experience was entirely different.

Why different?

I wasn't a photographer then and was being a typical tourist. The things I see and experience wasn't the same. Previously, I went to Musee Lourve and spend the whole day, Disneyland, went up the Eiffel Tower, Arc de triumph, Notre Dame. and the other tourist sites around Paris.

This time, site seeing the site seeing was so different. I was looking around for people, shapes, backdrops, light and etc. Feels more like scout location for the shoot the next day rather than feeling like a tourist. I even cycled nearly the whole of Paris as it definitely looks better than travelling via subway or just taxi from point A to B, it is the journey that makes it more interesting than just the destination.

My accommodation was towards where the locals live, Montmantre, I captured people jogging and try to capture images that portrays my style rather than selfies or typical tourist photos and its actually quite hard knowing that Paris have been captured by so many photographers and its nearly impossible to portray a slightly different look. I guess I was also hoping to capture the Parisian lifestyle as well as the famous landmarks.

During my travel, I love to travel light, well..and still learning how to. Because there are so many pickpockets around (actually it wasn't as bad as before because of the heavy police and army presence after the terrorist attack), I actually felt quite safe. But being a worrier, I did travel with my small national geographic shoulder bag with just a Leica Q & Nikon D750 with 58mm 1.4 lens. I shot everything with it. And even that, it was heavy after adding the spare batteries, water bottle, snacks and etc.

The Challenge was everywhere I go, there is a million tourist everywhere!! well, it is called the city of love and probably one of the most visited cities around the world. That is why more and more photographers do not shoot during peak hours, some even starts at 10pm and shoot through to the morning to get some nice landscapes of the famous landmarks. I will definitely do that the next time. 

What I love about this trip to Paris?

I felt like a local and lived the Parisian lifestyle. I tried all forms of transportation, experience the french music, even make an attempt to speak french..just simple sentences to start but hoping to learn more. Maybe next trip..hopefully I would be able to speak fluently! Last trip, I only know Bonjour and a few other words, mostly communicated in English :P.

Travelling alone does feel lonely especially in Paris, but loneliness allows me to explore Paris better from my point of view, perhaps not better..but different. You probably can sense my loneliness in my images. 

Hope you enjoy these images captured through my lens :)