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I have been capturing weddings in Perth and Margaret River region as a Perth wedding photographer, and there are some favorite places for photo shoots.

When I thought I had seen it all, there are always somewhere new I have never captured before.
Some of my favorite wedding as a Perth wedding photographer and Margaret River wedding photographer, pre-wedding or engagement session locations are:

1) The Matilda Blue Boathouse:

One of the most iconic places around Perth, you may have to queue a bit at this location.

So plan for more time for this location. This boathouse looks incredible from all different angles, different light or different time.

At high tide, it looks even better; a couple may seem like they are walking on water.

2) The University of Western Australia or St.Georges College -

This location is bustling during wedding season, I have experienced a day as a Perth wedding photographer with 13 other brides & limos all at the same place and time.

A bride has to queue up to get a specific spot for photos. It is amazing, and even though it is busy, it's still worth it!

3) The big tree across the Swan Brewery -

If you are after a nice tree shot on the way, definitely worth the stop.

Although I wouldn't make it my priority stop. It is just before the blue boathouse, so depending on your schedule, you can certainly add another stop in.

4) Caversham, Swan Valley -

This is one of my favorite photo locations as a Perth wedding photographer; the secret garden is impressive.

They are generally booked for wedding, and you have to book in advance as well.

They do have two marriages at the same time so that it can get busy, and you may not be allowed in if there are having weddings.

It would be best to contact Caversham office for rates and booking.

5) Sandalford Winery, Swan Valley -

Its another excellent winery at Swan Vally, actually one of the nicest around the Swan Valley.

The wine barrels, garden, and vines look fantastic for photos. Mandoon is pretty cool too, another similar option if you are going for vines.

6) Kings Street ( Artistic Wall Murals) -

This for couple or people looking for something a bit more unique as their backdrop.

Different colors, design, theme backdrop would look pretty funky for photos.

The only problem could be the parking as it is around the CBD (if you have to park) unless you have a limo driver waiting for you at the side of the road.

7) Her Majesty Theatre Perth -

This fantastic old theatre looks unique and elegant. The red carpet feel to the place is pretty grand and the stage (if you are allowed on it) is fantastic for photos.

Not forgetting the cool "powder room"!! Very classy and elegant spot for photos.

But please book ahead as they are very strict with the timing and do not be late for your booking.

8) London Court, Perth CBD -

A very touristy place, but looks cool. A medieval looking shopping strip, a personal favorite of a Perth wedding photographer.

As its right in the heart of the CBD, it can be hectic. Try to avoid peak hours.

9)  Kings Park, Perth -

Officially, you would need to get a permit for this, if it is a wedding / pre-wedding shoot. For a tourist, not a problem.

The main area where you can see the whole Perth skyline is terrific especially at night, but don't forget to walk further up for the beautiful bridge that you can see the entire city as well and some parks further up.

A lovely and relaxing place for photos, but similar to most CBD locations, it can get a bit busy.

10) Hyde Park - Nice and decent size for a park right in the city. The trees are very near the water, and the best time for photos is during spring/autumn, looks impressive for pictures if you are after a nice a classic backdrop for photos.

11) Elizabeth Quay -

This is the new-ish addition to Perth CBD, the brides are stunning (especially night time), and you can even get a boat ride for photos.

Elizabeth Quay bridge's surrounding area are pretty unique, definitely a beautiful place for photos.

Across the road from this, is another park with an old-ish building, looks excellent for photos too.

A very flexible location for different backdrops.

12) Rottnest Island -

Besides the ferry ride, quakka, beautiful beaches, lighthouse, what more do you need for excellent photos!!.

This locations practically covers everything.

Only one main problem, if you are traveling by ferry, there isn't a lot of ferries back if it is late and does not miss the last ferry out, you will be stranded! And the previous ferry is pretty early in the evening! Make sure you plan your time well.

13) Secret Garden -

There are many places called the secret garden, one in Margaret River, looks impressive for weddings, one in Caversham, but this is at a housing area (around Gwelup).

It is right in the middle of the local housing (hidden). But once you are in there, it feels like you are in another world!! Not a large/wide area, but sufficient for photos.

Worth a visit with a Margaret River wedding photographer.

14) Dune in Cervantes -

Well, what can I say, it is a Dune, and it looks incredible for photos!! You get the beautiful white sand, the wide open space.

It is like a blank canvas for, and there are so much you can do there. And since you are there, head out to the Pinnacles as well!! A must place to visit with a Perth wedding photographer.

And if you are heading down south, these are some of my favorites as a Margaret River wedding photographer:

1) Canal Rocks
2) Busselton Jetty
3) Voyager Estate
4) Aravina Estate
5) Boranup Forest
6) Secret Garden
7) Prevelly Beach
8) Donnybrook – Orchards
9) Golden tree, Balingup
10) Maze in Margaret River

Perth and Margaret River have so many varieties of places to choose from as a Perth and Margaret River wedding photographer that it would be so hard to cover all these areas if you don't have sufficient time.

The distance between locations may take up quite a lot of driving or travel time. Also, do make sure you have sufficient fuel as some areas are quite rural and may not have so many petrol stations unless you are in the main town area.

For those looking for Perth wedding photographer, Margaret River wedding photographer or some vendors for wedding hair and makeup, florist, etc. in Perth or Margaret River, do drop me an email for a recommendation.

Perth Margaret River Wedding Photographer

Perth Margaret River Wedding Photographer